School Fees 2018/2019

ERE School 2018/2019 Fee Schedule

Pre-Kindergarten - (Early Childhood Services) Community Placement Students $150.00/month x 10 months

Music (Optional Fee for Grade 3, 4, 5) - (Other Sales/Services) - Recorders/Recorder Books/Recorder CD $ 14.00

Lost/Damaged Library Books - (Other Sales/Services) Replacement Cost                                                                     

Grade 5 - (Field Trip - Activity) - Calgary - $100

Fieldtrip Costs - K to 5 can be up to $50


Please be advised that all fees contain a 1.5% district processing fee for online cash payments relating to the processing of credit card charges. It should be noted that the DO Processing fee is only a partial cost recovery, and will not cover all of the online costs (which will be paid for by Division Office).