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Dual Track preK- Grade 5 English and French Immersion


We are a powerful dual track (English and French Immersion) preK-5 school in downtown Rocky Mountain House.


Mr. Tim Bowman


Tim Bowman - Principal 

Kim Simo - Vice Principal


Our Roots Run Deep - Nos racines pour profondes


École Rocky Elementary School is a powerful, dual track, collaborative learning environment.


Operating as a Professional Learning Community, École Rocky Elementary School provides a respectful exemplary learning environment where every student demonstrates continuous improvement and achievement. 


We are committed to:

  • Maintaining a positive, safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Preserving the dignity and nurturing a sense of purpose and optimism in each student.
  • Modeling the skills and attitudes necessary to solve problems, manage conflict, and forgive one another.
  • Realizing high standards in student achievement through quality programming and instruction, and the innovative implementation of technology.
  • Challenging students to take risks and to become confident, resourceful, disciplined and self-motivated learners.
  • Working to meet the individual needs of each student through inclusion and differentiation. Student learning should be respectful, active, interactive and appropriate to the individual.
  • Providing choices in education through the continuing support and development of the French Immersion Program.


Education Plan

2023-2024 Education Plan

Facts and Figures

Ecole Rocky Elementary School – A Concise History

Following the formation of the Confluence School District in October, 1911, a log school house was built at the sight where Will Sinclair Junior Senior High School would later stand. This first multi-grade school housed about forty students. A rapidly increasing population quickly overfilled this log structure, and the teachers and students were moved into the Pierce Hall on main street, at a site where several businesses now operate, including Iron Fist MMA and Your Dollar Store. 

A four room school was first built on the Ecole Rocky Elementary site and opened in 1921 as The Confluence School. Several additions and renovations occurred over the years, and it continued to operate as a school until 1962. In 1949 the Rocky School District proudly opened what was known as the West Wing, containing six classrooms, a science lab, and a library. A few years later, 6 more classrooms were added, along with a Home Economics Lab. This addition completed the wood framed West Wing of Confluence School. 

As the Hanlon subdivision grew on the north side of the town, the Rocky School Division responded to the need, and  built a second school. Lochearn School opened in September, 1960, offering grades 1-8. Mr. Henry Orava transferred over to the new school to become its first principal. Continued development and growth in the town and surrounding area created a demand for yet another school. The first phase of Rocky High School was completed in 1962. Teachers and older students moved to our first high school in the north east corner of the town. The original Confluence building was then detached from the West Wing and moved to the south-east corner of the property. Although no longer a school, the building housed the Rocky School Division Office and later the town’s museum. The old Confluence building was finally demolished in 2005.

The remaining two additions to the original Confluence building remain to this day, forming the largest part of the existing elementary school. Major renovations to the structure were completed in 1989, with a grand opening celebration held to mark the occasion. 

Rocky Elementary School officially changed its name to Ecole Rocky Elementary School in 2000, to reflect the school’s dual track programming, formally recognizing the vibrant French Immersion program which has operated within the school for the last twenty-five years, and now involves one third of the school’s students.

The building has stood the test of time, growing and evolving to meet the ever changing needs of our community and its most precious resource – our children.  In the quiet of the evening, the laughter of thousands of children echo down these halls. Alumni include long serving Premier, the Right Honorable Ralph Klein and the regular citizens, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents that make up our community.  

Bill Snyder     February 2016

(based on information from local historians, seniors, and a document written by Nannette Marshall)