Peaceable Schools

Olinda School in Brazil - 2015

Olinda (AMO) School

Support for these children has been ongoing at École Rocky Elementary. Information provided by The Olinda Children’s Association. Last year our school was able to send just over $1,300 to the Olinda School in Brazil. The money was raised through jewelery sales and our Running Shoe Pansy sales. Our students were able to give the true gift of education to others in the world!


―The purpose of The Olinda Children’s Association (TOCA) is to raise the necessary funds so that The Association of Assistance to Children of Olinda (AMO) can carry out its specific programs for the needy children from the favelas of Rio Doce, Olinda, Brazil. The programs target 5-12 year olds who have not started their schooling at a public school, those who have left school because of conflicts with the school system and those who work at home or who have gone to the street to work. Thirteen and fourteen year old children are allowed to participate in all the school programs as volunteers.


―The founders of AMO in 1991 wanted to give these children an alternative to loitering and working the street by providing them with activities in a school situation. Various needs of the children were identified: such as literacy, food, good hygiene; freedom of expression and creativity, feeling of self-esteem and self-worth, developing skills of sharing, respect and cooperation, healthy and non-violent release of suppressed physical energies and frustrations, coping with violence in society, empowerment through cultural roots, better housing, production of saleable goods and last, but not least, an environment that will yield cooperation and support of one another.


The jewelry being sold has been made by the children themselves. The funds collected from the sale of the jewelry and bake sale will go to The Olinda Children’s Association. Thank you for your continued support!

Peace Teacher

Queen's Jubilee Medal Presented to Sister Margie in 2013