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Staggered Start Updates August 26

Staggered Start Update:

Friday, September 4 has been updated as a non-instructional day in Wild Rose as we work towards a safe school return and the implementation of several additional health and safety measures.

As such, the updated staggered start calendars are now available on our school website:

As a summary, the start days are as follows:

Grade 1-5 Cohort A: Aug 31 and Sept 2

Grade 1-5 Cohort B: Sept 1 and Sept 3

English Kindergarten Cohort A: Sept 2 and Sept 9

English Kindergarten Cohort B: Sept 11 and Sept 14

French Kindergarten Cohort A: Sept 3 and Sept 8

French Kindergarten Cohort B: Sept 10 and Sept 15

PreK Cohort A: Sept 9 and Sept 14

PreK Cohort B: Sept 11 and Sept 16

Please contact the school if you have any questions or are unsure of your child's cohort. Call (403) 845-3541, e-mail, Facebook message, or come by and see us in the school!

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