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Fire Alarm Feb 5

On Friday, Feb 5, we had an unscheduled fire alarm at 9:15 am. We quickly evacuated the school and moved to the Tamarack Motor Inn to shelter in place until the fire department isolated the issue (a malfunctioning fire detector) and gave us the All Clear.

This was not part of the plan, but the way the students, staff and many agencies worked together to ensure everyone remained safe was phenomenal. The emergency plan that we practice worked as it was intended. We evacuated the school quickly and calmly. Everyone was able to return to class and continue their day despite the morning adventure.

We have many thanks:

  • Tamarack Motor Inn for welcoming an entire school unexpectedly and providing us with blankets.
  • Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services, CRFRS for responding quickly and isolating the issue.
  • Wild Rose School Division Maintenance Department for repairing the fire detector and staying on site all day to ensure no further issues.
  • Two Paramedics who responded as a precaution and gave great comfort in monitoring our students & staff during the event
  • Prairie Bus Lines for quickly responding with two shuttle buses to bring us back to school so we could avoid a second cold winter walk.
  • Tim Hortons Rocky Mountain House for donating hot chocolate and timbits to bring a little comfort to our day.

Thank you everyone for your care and concern. We are so lucky to have a community of support during the best of times and also when things are unexpected.

With appreciation,
Tim Bowman, Principal

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